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Name:A Dragon Knights Dressing Room
Posting Access:All Members

As a Dragon Knights dressing room, any character of any form is welcome here: crack, AU, canon, genderbend etc etc. You can join with a character you already have in another RP, or if your character is homeless, this is the perfect place to get to play them out and try them. There are no limits to how many of the same characters are in action, and you don't need any application or approvement to be playing. Simply join and begin posting as much as you want! Anything you want is accessible here. It pretty much looks like a large city similar to Draqueen, but it's really not REALLY Draqueen. Everything's free, and all the stores are open at any time at the day, any time you want to. There are monsters roaming the city, so be careful. You don't want to be eaten, right?

DW: [personal profile] wafflehearts
AIM: Poudrin
Email: colormecyanide at gmail
>> Dragon Knights characters only, please!
No original characters. That is, no OCs.
Posts go in the main comm, not in the character journals.
NO BASHING. NO FLAMING. NO WANK. No picking on other people's characterizations. Please keep this out of the community.
There's no limit to posts! Please post as much as you want to.
This is a dressing room, so expect duplicates of characters.
Please remember to lock and mark anything that is adult in nature.
No godmodding. Even if it's a dressing room, this rule should go by itself.
Don't copy other people's characters, whether they're AU or not.
USE TAGS. Tag your entry accordingly: "character | username | what AU/OU they are"
This comm is het/yaoi/yuri friendly. Don't like? Don't read.
Have fun!